Creative Uses For Name Cards


Add a practical chope! design with your logo above it to your name cards, I am sure your clients and their friends will ask for more of these cards from you and keep them and use them every day to chope! seats at food courts and hawker centers. This will definitely help people know and remember you!


Make your Name Cards double as coupons, add a promo-code or discount coupon that customers can present for a discount or promotion that you are running or encourage new potential customers to buy from you and grow your customer base!

Appointment Card

Use your name card as an appointment card for your clients and customers, if you run an appointment based business this would help your customers remember their appointment and your business because they will keep it and bring it around with them.

Loyalty Card

Customers love loyalty cards! Name cards are the perfect size to create a table for stamps to be collected by your customers for discounts or get a rebate, this will definitely keep them coming back again and again!

Referral Cards

Give your business a boost with referrals. All business owner knows referrals are very powerful and effective, turn your ordinary Name card into a referral card, Give your card to a customer to refer their friends, get them to write their name on the card. When their referred friend or family member comes in they both get a discount!

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